Terms of Use
  1. All users on the FadURL platform are bound by the general terms and conditions outlined in the legal section. FadURL, hereinafter, may also be referred to as “we”, “us” or “our”. Users, hereinafter, may also be referred to as "you", "your", "he", "she", "him", "his", "her" or "audience".
  2. Users shall comply with all national and international laws and shall not use this platform for activities related to terrorism, pornography, fraud, espionage, fake news, racism, communalism or any other criminal activity. FadURL reserves the right to, without warning, cancel the user's right to use our services if he/she does this. FadURL also reserves the right to (i) investigate and take appropriate action against anyone who violates, or is suspected of violating, the Terms of Use, including removing any content or reclaiming the concerned username at any time, and/or reporting the user to law enforcement authorities and (ii) disclose all kinds of data supplied to our services, if we receive a request for information and this is required by mandatory applicable laws, governmental regulations or rules, or by any orders of court or competent authority or arbitral tribunal.
  3. It the user's responsibility to provide FadURL with all the information that is necessary for the platform to be able to provide the necessary services.
  4. FadURL is not liable for the user's Internet connection and the network that is being used to gain access to, and make use of, the offered services. It is, therefore, also the user's responsibility to arrange for and fulfill the technical requirements needed to use the offered services, such as to have the equipment and software required for the performance of the application.
  5. The user shall ensure that (i) any and all user data as well as user software is free of viruses, trojans, worms or other harmful software codes, (ii) user data as well as user software is in a format suitable for the application and (iii) that user software and/or user data cannot in any other way, harm or adversely affect FadURL's systems and/or services.
  6. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that his/her log-in information, security procedures and other information, which is used to access and use the application, is kept confidential and treated as confidential information. The user also agrees to immediately inform FadURL if any unauthorized person has obtained knowledge of such information.
  7. The user also agrees not to copy, decompile, decrypt or deconstruct the Services (or any software or code that is included in the services) or try to derive or create source code from the services and he/she also agrees not to circumvent or try to circumvent the security measures of the services set out by FadURL.
  8. The user shall be liable for the URL(s) or links that he/she creates and shall be responsible for all user data and other data that is submitted to our services. Shortened url(s) or links which are not accessed over the internet for more than six months shall be purged.
  9. The user confirms that he/she has the full right, power and authority to create his/her account on FadURL and thereby enter into agreement with us that creates a legally valid and binding obligation on him/her that does not violate any applicable law, rule or regulation, or require any conditional consent by any person, organization or entity. If the user is accessing or using the services in connection with his/her employment, he/she confirms that he/she is authorized to bind his/her company/employer to the Terms of Use and any reference herein to the user shall refer to both him/her and his/her company/employer, as applicable.
  10. FadURL reserves the right to terminate the user's registration under the Terms of Use and suspend him/her from the services immediately or limit his/her access to the services if he/she fails to comply with the Terms of Use or if the provision of the services might lead to more than a minor damage for FadURL or any third party.
  11. Any dispute arising out of issues not covered under the Terms of Use shall be resolved at the discretion of FadURL.
  12. The Terms of Use are subject to change at any point of time without intimation and the user shall be bound by the same.

Privacy Policy
  1. FadURL ("we", "our" or "us") values your trust and a key part of earning your trust is being upfront and clear in how we gather and use your information. We created this Policy to inform you on what data we collect, how we collect your data, how we share your data, and your rights around the data. This policy applies when you use our services available through ("site") either as the creator of a FadURL link or by clicking on a FadURL link. For the purposes of this policy, the site, features, content, applications, and other services provided by FadURL shall be referred to as "Services".
  2. Users can create FadURL(s) without registering for an Account. When you create a FadURL link, FadURL collects and stores the original URL as well as the shortened URL and links it with your session. Your ip address may be stored for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements only. This applies to both users who are logged in and to those who are not.
  3. We may use cookies to ensure that the FadURL application performs optimally and to facilitate necessary record keeping.
  4. An account is automatically created for you when you login using any third-party authentication provider such as Facebook, Google, Twitter or Microsoft. When you create an account on, we collect personal information from you such as your name, email address, and other relevant information. If you create an account using your login from a third-party account, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Microsoft, we will access and collect your personal information provided by that third-party account. The amount of information that is shared with us from that third-party account depends on your privacy settings on your third-party account.
  5. If you contact us for assistance or support, we may collect your name, email address, or any other content that you send us.
  6. We do not collect sensitive personal information such as your date of birth, phone number, address, photograph or financial information. However, we may collect generic information such as your country, device type, operating system, browser, etc. This is necessary purely for analytical insights and is not associated with your individual identity.
  7. We may share the collected information with third-party institutions or agencies to comply with legal or regulatory requirements or to enforce our Terms of Use and as otherwise described in this Privacy Policy.
  8. Generic analytical insights may be shared with third-party institutions or agencies without disclosing any individual identity.
  9. You ("user") may choose to delete your registered account at any time from within the account page. Doing so would prevent you from tracking FadURL metrics until you register again.
  10. The technology platform of FadURL is managed by Strootaay Innovation Labs.
  11. Any dispute arising out of issues not covered under the Privacy Policy shall be resolved at the discretion of FadURL.
  12. The Privacy Policy is subject to change at any point of time without intimation and you ("user") shall be bound by the same.